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Ace(s) in the Pot is a simple gambling game which requires no skill and two dice. It has also been called Pot Luck.A

The earliest mention I have found of this game is in the 1885 edition of The American Hoyle (p. 467).


The game can be played by any number of players, who sit in a circle.

Each player begins the game with two tokens. The goal of the game (although the players cannot influence the outcome) is to win the pot by being the last player with a token.

On each player’s turn they make one roll of both dice. For each 1 thrown, they place one token in the pot. For each 6 thrown, they pass a token to the next player on their left. Then they pass the dice to the next player.

Play continues around the circle. Any players left without tokens drop out of the game and do not participate further.

Once there is only one token that is not in the pot, its owner makes three rolls. If they make three rolls without rolling any 6, they win the game. Otherwise, they pass the dice and token to the next player, who proceeds with their attempt.


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