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Teen Do Pānch (तीन दो पाँच tīn dō pā̃ca) is a three-player card game from India. The name of the game means 3–2–5 in Hindi (or ३–२–५ with Devanāgarī numerals).

Ten tricks are played, and each player must make a certain number depending on their position in relation to the dealer.


From a standard deck, remove all cards except for 8–A in each suit, plus 7 and ♠7, leaving 30 cards total.


Deal all the cards out in three rounds, with packets of 5–3–2.

After receiving their first 5 cards, the first player must choose the trump suit. If they decline, turn up their next 3 cards, and the trump suit is that of the highest card. (Alternate deal: deal in packets of 5–5 and, if first player declines, trump is randomly chosen from their next 5 cards.)

Each player must try to win the number of tricks allocated to them based on their playing order—the first player must win 5 tricks, the second 3 tricks, and the dealer 2 tricks.

Play tricks according to the usual trick-taking rules. Players must follow suit if possible, otherwise trump or discard.

After all 10 tricks have been played, the score of each player is the difference between what they were required to make, and what they made.

Pulling cards

In each following round, after the deal, those players who made more than they were required may take one random card per extra trick from those who failed to make their required tricks, in exchange for a card from their own hand.

The pulling player may not return the card that was taken.


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