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London Street Games is a very curious book which contains many (many) children’s games of many varieties. It somewhat rivals Rabelais in breadth! James Joyce raided this book for many of the games referenced in Finnegan’s Wake (1939), however obliquely.

The games from the book are listed below. The divisions are my own; the games are otherwise listed in the order that they appear in the original book.

Ball games:

Spinning-top games:

Jacket games:

Shoe games:

Cap games:

Button games:

Gambling games:

Tossing games:

Tin-can games:

Stick games:

Nut games:

Imagination games:

Hide-and-seek games:

Hunting games:

Confederate/trickery games:

Leap-frog games:

Duty games:

Catching games:

Ball games:

Games for girls and boys:

Girls’ games:

Hand-clapping games:

Ring games:

More girls’ games:

Skipping-rope games:


Small children’s games:

Mud games:

Seasonal games:

Marbles games:

Cinema games:

Cigarette card games:

Jacks (buck and four) or knucklebones games:

Stones games:

Chalk games:

Touch games:



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