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H. J. R. MurraySon of James Murray, the first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. (1868–1955) is a very important figure in the history of board games studies. He published two key works: A History of Chess in 1913 and A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess in 1951.

A History of Chess took 13 years to complete, and Murray taught himself German and Arabic in order to finish the book! A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess was published when he was 83, being nearly 40 years in the making.

Errata for …Other Than Chess

The following are my own notes on what I believe to be incorrect in the book. They are listed in book order, with section number first; the list is incomplete:

§3.1.6 (p. 39): Tre-guti is not equivalent to three-men’s-morris but is a capturing game; also the citation Games from the Punjab should be named A Few Types of Sedentary Games prevalent in the Punjab.

§3.3.2 (p. 41): alquerque de tres is listed as equivalent to three-men’s-morris; it is actually equivalent to noughts & crosses (§3.2).

§3.3.11 (p. 41): Tin-guti pait pait is not in the reference cited (Humphries (1906)), but it is in Datta (1933).

§3.3.13 (p. 42): Hydee[p. 211] writes Che-lo, not lo che.

§3.5 (p. 45): a3, b1, c3, and b3, b6 being empty should read (something like) b1, c2, b3, and a2, b2 being empty, as the pieces should form a cross shape with an empty middle; vangjamylna should read vængjamylna; also, charri or saddeh refer to simple mills, not the ‘running mill’ formation.

§3.5.13 (p. 47): al-Fīrūzābādī shows board G, not B.

“Books and articles consulted”

pg. 244: All of Hem Chandra Das-Gupta’s articles have incorrect titles.


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